Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Laura Loves...

Elizabeth Turner Needle Buddies: Dress on a Hanger!

Oh my, how I love the new Elizabeth Turner Dress on a Hanger and matching High Heeled Shoe!

These new Needle Buddies are adorable! Meredith at Elizabeth Turner really puts her heart into her Buddies and it shows! She is creative and on the pulse of what is new and wanted in the world of Needle Buddies.

The Dress and Shoe come in two colors: Pink and Black.  You all know how I love pink! And the black looks like something that would come straight from my closet.

I am loving the price at just $19.99 and they are currently available but in limited quantities.  

Check out our eBay store or contact us directly and get yours before they are gone!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Laura Loves...

Periodically we like to feature something that Laura, owner of Bloomin’ Stitches Needlework®, is crazy about! In her own words, ”Laura Loves...” is all about her current obsession.

Laura Loves...Beading Containers!

There is nothing better than a magnetic beading tool! Well, maybe chocolate, but that is a whole other “Laura Loves...”.
There are two I love: Elizabeth Turner Collection Bead Buddies and EZ-Beader by The Collection.

I love both of these beading containers. They both contain a tacky strip upon which you sprinkle your beads and a magnetic fastener to attach to your current project.

The Bead Buddie container is 1.75” x 1” and sits just half an inch above your canvas. The tacky surface sits inside the container thus ensuring no beads fall out. I love the price at just $7.99.

The EZ-Beader is 2.25” in diameter and the tacky surface sits atop a wooden base. The beads are not enclosed, like with the Bead Buddie, thus on occasion the beads may fall off. This isn’t a concern for me as I love the wide, flat surface. The price is just $10.00.

Both containers are available in our eBay store or by contacting us directly.