About Us

Laura, the owner of Bloomin’ Stitches Needlework™, has been a stitch enthusiast since she was a young girl. She creates beautiful pieces for her own home and for those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of such a personal gift! Her own passion for high quality products and appreciation for excellent customer service inspired her to open her own shop in 2011 and bring a new type of retail experience to stitching fans worldwide. By focusing on exceptional canvases, fibers and accessories and building a team that is dedicated to providing the very best for each and every customer, she proved that this experience was what customers were seeking. 

In addition to our extensive collection of needlepoint canvases, cross-stitch, counted threads, and beautiful accessories; our ghost stitchers can complete a project for you. When you are ready to have your completed projected finished we can do anything from basic framing to heirloom pieces. They are all prepared meticulously to our high standards and for a competitive price. 

We also offer our customers special ordering and kitting services. If you are looking for a specific canvas or product that we don’t currently carry, it would be our pleasure to special order it for you at no additional cost. If selecting fibers for your next project overwhelms you or you simply don’t have time to do it, let us help! We have a fine eye for color choices and can match fibers to your project (with a detailed information list) and send the entire thing back as a kit. It’s really that easy…all you need to do is ask!
We’d love to put together a sampling of your favorite designers and give you a chance to see everything else we have to offer. Please inquire if interested. Bloomin’ Stitches Needlework™ gets your project started…from the ground up!