Monday, November 7, 2016

Laura Loves...Rainbow Gallery!

I'm sure as avid stitchers you have all heard of Rainbow Gallery so this is nothing new to you, but I just have to rave about them!

New to our store are these gorgeous laying tools. They come in both acrylic and wood and both are stunning. I love the different color options:

There is even a hot pink one and you know how I LOVE all things hot pink!

There are also these beautiful wood options if you are looking for something with subtle elegance:

All these laying tools are smooth and sleek and the perfect weight, I LOVE them and I just couldn't be happier that we have them in stock at {Bloomin' Stitches}. A little holiday hint? Laying tools are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! I LOVE finding stitching tools in my own stocking, I'm sure you would too!

And what do you need a laying tool for? Fibers! So many beautiful fibers that I LOVE!

{Fuzzy Stuff} is perfect for a beard on Santa. Or maybe some angel wings? 

And some are just plain FUN like the {Sparkle Rays} line:

For even more sparkle, I LOVE the {24 Karats} option in gold!

I LOVE how all the different fibers from {Rainbow Gallery} let me really personalize my projects. There is a fiber for almost anything you can dream up, I hope you LOVE them too!

Happy Stitching!



Thursday, September 29, 2016

Laura Loves...custom orders!

Have you seen this canvas on our site yet? It's one of my favorites and I absolutely LOVE it! And so do a lot of our customers because it is our #1 best seller. Ever.

We started with just this black and white option, but then added in a purple option too!

In fact, Jane M. Wood (from Needlepoint Nation) got her hands on one of these and will be blogging about her stitching process. So far she's picked out some fabulous fibers and bling!

Follow along as she decides what background stitch she'll be using.

Just recently we added a blue and white version: 

Actually we can have this made in any color combination you would like! I LOVE when I can take a design and make it just a little more 'me'. Can you just see this in the {Bloomin' Stitches} hot pink?!

If this is a little sassy for your tastes, you could further customize while stitching. Perhaps stitch over the U with an E? With a star? You can make it yours and I LOVE that!

What will yours look like?


Friday, May 20, 2016

Laura Loves...Lycette Designs!

Recently a brand new designer hit the needlepoint scene and I am LOVING her! 

Lycette Designs creator, Jessica, describes herself as a playful mix of Palm Beach whimsy and New England sensibility and I really think her designs embrace that.

I LOVE the bright and preppy color choices. We all know how much I love the color pink and she does too!

Lycette Designs adopts a more modern outlook on needlepoint and I LOVE that she embraces a little bit of sass and isn't afraid of colorful language.

Another reason that I LOVE Lycette Designs is that she has used the Pepper Pot fibers colors to design her pieces. So everything matches PERFECTLY! It doesn't get much easier than that. 

Which one are you going to stitch first?