Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Laura Loves...Raymond Crawford's Cookie series!

Have you seen this new cookie series from Raymond Crawford? I LOVE them!

They are all about 3.5 inches in diameter and are designed to look just like a frosted sugar cookie. Aren't they fabulous!? He has numerous designs that cover most of the holidays, plus some that are just for fun. I LOVE how vibrant the colors are (just like real frosting!).

I LOVE that they are small which makes them quick to stitch. They are also affordable so you can make as many as you want! These are the perfect weekend project.

Have you ever received a delicious edible cookie arrangement? I'm envisioning a dozen of these cookie canvases stitched up and finished on a stick and then artfully arranged in a basket, just like the edible version! Less calories and what a beautiful gift that would be. I would LOVE to give that as a hostess gift!

Or stitch up a seasonally appropriate variety and display them on a tray at your holiday party. Your guests will be intrigued and probably LOVE them too!

We have a small selection of these cookies available for immediate purchase. If you see some other designs you'd like, we'd LOVE to special order them for you!

Most of all I LOVE that I get all the fun of making and decorating cookies without the calories.