Monday, April 6, 2015

Laura Loves...Kathy Schenkel Carrots!

What is Laura Loving these days??

These carrot canvases from {Kathy Schenkel} are the prefect thing this time of year!

I really LOVE that the different designs and animals don't make them Easter specific. Summer is garden season so I LOVE that you can use these for two seasons!

Stitch just one...

Or stitch a few and make a 'fresh bunch' of carrots to display in your home. 

They might even inspire the littler person in your life to eat more veggies.

They are super quick to stitch up! I LOVE quick little projects and these fit the bill perfectly. I also LOVE the bright colors, they are very cheerful to stitch!

If you just really LOVE carrots, you can pick up this needle mag to complete your project. 

As always, we'd LOVE to make a kit for you. Let us know if we can pull the fibers you need to make this your next weekend project.