Monday, November 7, 2016

Laura Loves...Rainbow Gallery!

I'm sure as avid stitchers you have all heard of Rainbow Gallery so this is nothing new to you, but I just have to rave about them!

New to our store are these gorgeous laying tools. They come in both acrylic and wood and both are stunning. I love the different color options:

There is even a hot pink one and you know how I LOVE all things hot pink!

There are also these beautiful wood options if you are looking for something with subtle elegance:

All these laying tools are smooth and sleek and the perfect weight, I LOVE them and I just couldn't be happier that we have them in stock at {Bloomin' Stitches}. A little holiday hint? Laying tools are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! I LOVE finding stitching tools in my own stocking, I'm sure you would too!

And what do you need a laying tool for? Fibers! So many beautiful fibers that I LOVE!

{Fuzzy Stuff} is perfect for a beard on Santa. Or maybe some angel wings? 

And some are just plain FUN like the {Sparkle Rays} line:

For even more sparkle, I LOVE the {24 Karats} option in gold!

I LOVE how all the different fibers from {Rainbow Gallery} let me really personalize my projects. There is a fiber for almost anything you can dream up, I hope you LOVE them too!

Happy Stitching!



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