Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Laura Loves...Watermelon Shooters

I have found the PERFECT summer drink! While looking online for some fresh ideas for a backyard BBQ I came across this video from the Food Network. 

(Photo credit: Food Network)
Watermelon shot glasses!! 

It's taking the quintessential summer food and then making it really fun and I LOVE it! The video shows you how to cut your melon and use a small scoop to make room for the liquid. Such a simple yet brilliant idea. We LOVE that around here.

(Photo credit: Food Network)

Really you could use almost any alcohol in these. I happen to LOVE coconut rum, so that's what we used. Coconut is so tropical that it really fit our summer theme. I imagine this would be good with a vanilla or even a blackberry rum as well. 

(Photo Credit: Captain Morgan)

I LOVED how these tasted and I LOVED being able to present my guests with such a unique and fun drink. Added bonus that I LOVED? Fewer dishes to wash at the end of the night!


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